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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

An Annual Tradition

I know at least one person will be embarrassed by this video...

This is a song called "Espionage" by Green Day. I used to play it on guitar back in middle school when I was a rock star. Here I am slappin' some bass in my string ensemble debut.

If you want, you can check out my other two (somewhat) musical performances in the archived Januaries of the past two years.

Also included in this post... is my vacation to Mexico!!

I recently had a 10-day vacation down in Puerto Vallarta, visiting my aunt who lives there during the winter. It was a great way to come down from the season (especially as I did zero activity the first few days as I recovered from my recent Nationals 50km effort) and to get fired up for the new year. I got exactly what I wanted: relaxation with zero stress/responsibilities/worries and a lotta sun, beach and reading in a good beach chair. Topped off with a day of getting utterly destroyed surfing at Sayulita.

A cool shot of a street dog at the ubiquitous Mexican taco stand. I encountered the dog again later on in my travels and learned it's name is "Scooby" and that he is a regular at local food and drink establishments.

A day of surfing at Sayulita. As per my tweet from that day, "see-u-lay-tah, Sa-yu-li-ta. Sunburn, surf-chafe, jellyfish stings and washing machined in giant waves = fun. Sorta..." But seriously, it was an amazing day.

Sunset in Puerto Vallarta