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Sunday, May 2, 2010

I can't wait till we start having June/July on-snow camps here...

Tour of Callaghan Country lodge... A backcountry lodge located at an altitude of 1400m that has 25km of trails found above 1200m with some of the best snowpack in Canada (there was about 4 meters of base when I was up there yesterday).

This was the last day that they were open to public. However, they will be grooming for CVTC/BC Team from May 4-9. And then more into the summer, hopefully. Thanks to Brad Sills and the CC crew for a great year despite the difficulties the Olympics presented for skiing in Whistler. And here's to a bunch more great skiing this spring/summer!

(click on link at bottom for higher res version on Vimeo)

Untitled from Thomsen D'Hont on Vimeo.