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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Huckleberry Festival

This year's Huckleberry Festival at Callaghan Country Lodge was a bountiful and unseasonably hot event. The weather was much improved from last year's trudge through a torrential downpour (the sad day that my 6 year old cell phone died) and the huckleberries were in no short supply, a stark contrast to last year's nonexistence. 
Antoine is all smiles with the return of the huckleberries as we hike up to one of our favourite places in the world. 

The hardy crew from last year's soggy Huckleberry Festival. This year there were an additional 30-40 people!

The 4.5 km hike took us a full 3 hours as we foraged and grazed on berries at every opportunity.

The Callaghan Country Lodge (there wasn't actually snow up there. The only shot I have of the lodge is from winter...)

Once at the lodge, chefs Kristy and Evan transformed our berry harvest into pancakes...

...and pies.

Hilarious quote from random dude: "I just thought we were hiking up to some lake, then next thing I know I am sitting in a sweat lodge up in a tree fort!"
Enjoying the final hours of daylight after a glorious fall day in the Callaghan Valley.

Some still hadn't had their fill of huckleberries...

Kajsa even found a King Bolete mushroom! Boletes are an edible variety, pointed out to us by fellow hiker and photographer extraordinaire, Joern, whom we found deep in the woods, stalking us with his camera lens.

Until next time...