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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Tune-up in Whistler and arrival at the hallowed training grounds of Alex Harvey

Over the past four weeks in Whistler I have had the opportunity to get back to some of the training basics. I logged a few 2+ hour skis for the first time this winter, got out backcountry skiing for some long, easy training, and I won $250 at the Sigge's P'ayakentsut race for just over a minute of high intensity hill climbing. 

The clouds parted for an unforgettable day of ski touring up above the Whistler Olympic Park. Thigh deep pow and face shots were the order of the day.

Skiing it in in the 30 km at the 2012 Sigge's P'ayak. I skied the first 15 km easy, put on a burst up the 400 meter climb to secure the $250 prime then picked up the pace a little for the last 10 km. A worthy $46 race entry fee investment. 

My buddy, Joern Rohde of Whistler, has been shooting Kajsa and I out skiing a few times over the past month. This is one of my favourites, out on the new Twilight Meadows loop at the Whistler Olympic Park.

I am now out in Québec again, this time just outside of Québec City at Mont Ste. Anne for the 2012 National Championships. This trip is bringing back fond memories of the last time Nationals were out here in 2007, when I was in my last year of high school. I had a career highlight that year, teaming up with venerable Mike Argue of Yellowknife to win silver in the open men's team sprint. 

I feel rested and well trained after 4 weeks off of the race circuit. Bring on the races! And bring on the board shorts and sunscreen as it is rumoured that it will hit +20 degrees on some race days.