Welcome to my blog! This is a site where you can keep up to date on my life as a full-time athlete in the sport of cross country skiing. You can expect regular updates throughout the year as I report on training, racing, life in general and maybe even some school. Sponsors, family, friends and fans: Enjoy!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

4 year anniversary of Diamond Sponsor, Stantec Inc.!

Previously FSC Architects & Engineers, but acquired by Stantec Inc. in fall 2011, has been my largest sponsor from the North over the last 4 years, sponsoring me at my highest level of sponsorship, the Diamond Level.

From Google:

"Stantec Inc. (Stantec) provides professional consulting services in the area of infrastructure and facilities for clients in the public and private sectors. The Company’s services include planning, engineering, architecture, interior design, landscape architecture, surveying, project management, environmental sciences, and project economics for infrastructure and facilities projects."

Stantec's corporate philanthropic stewardship of athletics in the North is second to none, sponsoring other high level athletes such as my close friend and snowboarder, Andrew Matthews of Yellowknife (who also trains in Whistler and is my next-door neighbour!), and other high level cross country skiers, the Nishikawa siblings, from Whitehorse, YT. 

Presenting a traditional Inuit whale bone carving of a skier to Warren McLeod of FSC Architects & Engineers in Yellowknife (now Stantec). The carving is mounted on a large, flat slab of sandstone collected from a rocky beach on the breathtaking East Arm of Great Slave Lake, my summer vacation spot from childhood and a place that is very close to my heart. 
The piece of whale bone was carved into a likeness of me skiing by my childhood soccer teacher and long-time friend, Bob Kussy of Ashoona Studios in Yellowknife.

Thank you, Stantec, for your continued support in my ski career. Without your help this wouldn't be possible.


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

New Sponsor: Manitoba Harvest

It is with great pleasure that I announce my partnership with Manitoba Harvest Hemp Food & Oils. The company is committed to athletic excellence and is the first company to produce a dissolvable hemp protein powder (Hemp Pro 70), a great substitute for those of us who can't digest milk protein powders well. 

Hemp is hailed as a super food due to its excellent amino acid profile, high mineral and vitamin content, and it's abundance in omega-3 and rare omega-6 GLA fatty acids. I have supplemented hemp to my daily diet with great success in the last two months. Hemp Hearts are a simple and effective addition to breakfast cereal (as well as salads) and hemp products have turned me into a smoothie enthusiast. 

My favourite smoothie recipe:

- ripe banana
- 4 locally grown strawberries (they are red right through and taste way better)
- 3 dates
- 3 heaping tablespoons of Manitoba Harvest hemp hearts
- 3 tbsp Manitoba Harvest Hemp Pro 70 protein powder
- kale or spinach (to taste)
- plain yogurt
- generous helping of cinnamon
- splash of fruit juice
- squirt of Manitoba Harvest hemp oil

The hemp products give the smoothie a nice green nutty flavour. A huge bonus for me with the hemp protein powder, is that it is much easier for me to digest compared to various milk protein powders that I have tried. I have said goodbye to bloating and cramping post-smoothie. 

Thanks Manitoba Harvest!