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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Ode to the Meadow Loop

Short update:

These next 2 weeks for me will be higher volume, and will be a very focused training period to make last minute gains before Nationals that will run March 16-23 starting with the Team Sprint.

I will have at least 2 training races before then. This saturday I will race the classic race at the Lappe Invitational, and a few weeks later will race a 20 km skate race at the Sibley Ski Tour. It is likely that I will also race the NTDC Invitational the first weekend of March.

Today myself and sickie Somppi hit up some ski strength. Also did some incredible skiing around the Meadow Loop. Man, that loop is for real! I just became acquainted with it last Friday and we became fast friends.

Check back soon for some race/training updates. And please, somebody start posting comments on my blog! Doesn't anybody read this stuff?!



phil said...

what's worth reading?? I see you everyday. Good articles Thomsen

Cyrus said...

I read this thing. Its good.