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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Building Back The Rep

Alrighty then. Apologies are not in order. I'm not sorry for my hiatus. So deal with it. (haha, lots of bloggers would be sorry, but I know how so many of you readers hate when apologies are given for lack of stalking material!)

My Statcounter has taken a hit recently (look ma! A pun!), with unique returning visitors per day averaging down around the 10-15 range as opposed to the 30+ figures seen during the glory days of multiple weekly updates.

Now that my life is somewhat in order, and thoughts are moderately organized, I can put musing to blog.

The past 2 months at home in Yellowknife were a time of joy and happiness although riddled with uncertainty as to my fate for the whole next year. I knew I would be pursuing my Olympic dreams with full-hearted commitment, but where and with who was yet to be determined.

Training in Yellowknife over this time was amazing as I was able to put in some volume on snow for the entire month of May. What can only be characterized as drawn out sequences of perfect moments, skiing on Great Slave Lake during warm, sunny days constitutes some of the most regally beautiful memories I possess.

But like most good things in life, even the lake skiing comes to an end. Spring break-up. Whatchyoself.

Things in Yellowknife were good. "Too good" hints at over-indulgence, so let's just stick with plain old "amazing" - being with family, meals cooked for me (wild meat! boo ya), sleeping in my bed at home, hanging with great friends, being out in nature on my old stomping grounds, training going awesome, excitement of Mountain Bike Madness - why did I leave? Even I can't answer this question very well. I suppose the cliché answer to that question is that duty called. I had been through quite the ordeal with the shake-up with CVTC. I tossed and turned at night, weighing and re-weighing my options. Whistler vs. Canmore. Deathmatch.

After writing a pro/con list, things became quite clear. Throw in an unexpected "WOW moment" from Mr. Churchill and the scales tipped notably towards Whistler. Going for a beer with Corey and talking it over further had my mind virtually made up.

The phenomenon of the midnight sun in Yellowknife fubars circadian rhythm. You don't feel like sleeping when you watch kids on the block jubilating late at night in the blazing sunshine as your boxer-clad self half-heartedly/grumpily brushes teeth. Eventually you give in and your bed-time passes into the next day. I met someone this spring who ignores conventional time awareness (aside from work hours, haha). Without environmental stimulus for sleep, ie. darkness, this person will sleep when she's tired. Meaning that if she isn't tired, she will stay up all night. This person also requested that I name this blog update "______ is AWESOME!!!". I politely declined.

I did a triathlon the day before I left town. Swim was dialed (I improved approximately 400% in terms of endurance since my practice swims), bike was effing cold, and the run was actually dialed - I ran through almost the entire field. Goes to show what a little ankle and hip flexibility work can do for you.

So where am I now? Whistler. Beautiful, amazing Whistler (it even smells good here training in the Coast Mountains). Where "Lucky Man" by The Verve constantly perks the goose bumps as you take in the majestic surroundings. I have returned to the sacred Olympic grounds. Teammate Camille (the legitimate Champion of Highlands) and I are living in style right in the Village for a very focused 2 weeks (before heading to Canmore for glacier skiing) under the tutelage of Lee Churchill.

Double training session days on the straight and narrow are in order for the next few weeks. I have identified the gains required to ski fast, now it's just a matter of a little hard work to reap the rewards for this period. It's an exciting time! Welcome to the journey.

Thanks for checking in.


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MG said...

cool man. im gonna be in vancouver for two weeks starting tomorrow until the 5th. If you are coming down to the city give me a shout and we could hang. otherwise we might have to hook up for a ride when you are in canmore. Pate and I are trying to get something set up for when he is back from planting. taker easy!