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Friday, November 6, 2009

Race Schedule

WOW.  Whaaaat a boring title.

So here's the low down...

The season is VERY front heavy, with all of the main focus races (3 of 'em) being completed within 16 days of each other, completed by January 3rd.  Again, I will be focusing on the sprints even though I feel, proportionately, I have improved my distance a lot more this season.  For sprinting I am already close to the top and can challenge the top guys in the country on a good day while my distance remains my lifelong weakness and takes a back seat for the time being.

Here is my first month of racing:

- December 13th: NorAm Skate Sprint; Vernon, BC
- December 19th: Olympic Trials Classic Sprint; Canmore, AB
- December 20th: Olympic Trials Classic Sprint; Canmore, AB (yes, they are having the same race two days in a row)
- January 3rd: World U-23 Championships Trials Skate Sprint; Val Cartier, QC

And that's how the cookie crumbles.

Currently I am nursing some persistent tendonitis that I have been battling for the past month.  This is actually the 2nd bout of it - different spot, same pain.  I am juggling training activities to keep the stress away from it.  Today I treaded water for 15 minutes.  I remember I had to quit swimming back in the day cause I couldn't tread water for 5 minutes and thus couldn't pass AquaQuest 10 or whatever it was...

Snow is happening this week.  I think Whistler is getting like 4 feet this weekend.

Pic du jour:

Striding up Stonebridge road with Lee.  Initial day of tendonitis #2.

Taker easy.



Øystein said...

Thomsen. How in fact does you planning on to challenge the top contenders? I have not seen you at the top of the results list?


Thomsen D'Hont said...

Oystein, the long term goal is to eventually be at the top of the results list. I am still improving a lot from year to year and there's still A LOT of work to do before getting there. But it's encouraging because I'm starting to feel comfortable skiing with some of the best seniors in Canada.

So the plan is to keep seeking improvement, always improving weaknesses, and doing my best every day.


ps. is this Oystein P.???? aka the Sausage???

Øystein said...

It appears the way you talk you are at the best. I do not know how you to say you challenge the best when I have not heard of the name. The secret to the top is none shortcuts. just hard work in Norway we do not use any fancy machine like in Canada.

Thomsen D'Hont said...


Thanks for the exciting comments - this is something new on the blog. Thanks for reading too. Maybe someday you will hear of me!

And if you want to talk skiing some more, please email me at


kajsabrita said...

I have had some experience with both the Norwegian and Canadian systems; they are quite different however I do not believe one is better than the other. In Norway there are a great number of athletes; coaches can afford to push them and essentially burn them out because the skiers that still remain are the best of the best. In Canada we don't have nearly so many skiers, we must take care of them at look at their success in the long term. Great post T, good luck this season!