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Monday, June 6, 2011

Callaghan Country Lodge on-snow camp with quick video

Here's a quick vid I pieced together from short clips I took recently while staying up in the mountains at 1400m at the Callaghan Lodge for a week of phenomenal training on the 8 km loop they maintained for us.  I banged out a fairly big week of 23 hours, almost all of which was skiing.  It was pretty easy to train up there with the skiing out your front door and awesome leisure activities close at hand as well, including sauna, pool table and ping pong.  And talk about a lot of snow!  Still 4 meters of base at the end of May!

On another note, mid-week while up at Callaghan Lodge I snuck down to Whistler to see The Wealthy Barber speak in the Village.  Having been introduced to his book a few years ago, he got me interested in personal finance and saving, triggering a change of direction in my education - I am now studying Finance part-time through correspondence studies with Athabasca University (not super-seriously though).

The Wealthy Barber (David Chilton) dazzled an audience of 500 with his priceless anecdotes of writing the book while only 25 years old, and with his urgings for Canadians to save more money and to watch their debt.  The dude didn't miss a beat for 2 hours!  What a champ.  And what a privilege - I would highly recommend seeing him speak if given the opportunity.

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