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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Can I survive a distance race?

The answer is yes. 

Yesterday I put my post-mono fitness to the test in a 10 km time trial with the CVTC and BC ski teams. The purpose of the test was to determine whether I could endure the rigours of prolonged high output and to make a call as to how many distance races I want to start in December (I can still pull off decent sprints despite poor fitness). Saturday's mashed potatoes 5 km course was the epitome of "rigour," and is a condition that I, as a power skier, struggle in. Nonetheless, despite course conditions and still being on the recovery from mono, I finished 6 seconds from the top, a performance benchmark similar to how I was racing last year. 

This is an extremely encouraging and relieving result. It means I can virtually vault headlong into the race season this December. 

With a solid dump of snow last week, the roller skis were put away (mid-snow storm, in fact, as I was caught 3 km away from home with 3 cm of snow on the road!) and it is now full-on winter mode. 

Skiing at the Whistler Olympic Park has been great this week. Thanks to the CVTC and BC Ski Team for inviting me to participate! 

At 9 km, about to put 9 seconds on my 30-second start quarry.

Stay tuned for my first race that is taking place December 3rd! It is an Alberta Cup skate sprint tune-up race in Canmore, AB, where I will rejoin the NWT Ski Team and my Yellowknife Ski Club crew. I am improving by the week, so it should be an exciting season opener!


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BPR said...

Well done Thomsen. Look forward to seeing you at Silverstar next week! All the best from the BPR team!