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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Mike Gilday - 1000m World Cup Silver!!!!!!!!!!

Wow, I've been in Vancouver the past two days catching up with old friends and watching speed skating World Cups. I have had soooo much fun, just awesome time here in Van. Very busy, very fun. Got to chill with some Yellowknifers, dwell in my aunt's condo (she's in Mexico), push the Fit to it's limits (and give it an upgrade in the process - roof rack), experience "the cool" in Vancouver, and the best part of the weekend was watching Michael Gilday rise to the challenge and solidify his position as a top contender on the World Cup with a silver medal in the 1000m event.
He has been meaning on having a big performance for a while, but short track speed skating is such an unpredictable sport and your true ability may not always be reflected in your result. Everything seemed to align for Michael today, squeezing through to the A-final (with huge celebration on the ice, about 20 victory laps), and then once in the "A" he held his own, showed Ohno who was boss and brought 'er in for one of the most defining moments in this young man's life.
His first individual World Cup medal with more to come. Look for him as a medal threat in 2010. A Yellowknifer going for the Gold, right on.

As Pate and I dropped the girls off at Granville Island we said to ourselves "I want to come here someday to check it out", as we drove off to do errands. Pate busted out the line from "Dumb and Dumber" about us someday getting our break and getting to experience Granville Island on a beautifully sunny and pleasant day in the company of great friends as long as we kept our eyes open. With that I parked the car and we put off Van errands for an hour and a bit as we lounged about the island. Here we are experiencing "the perfect moment(s)". l to r - Jill Gilday, Michelle Bourgois, Laura McLeod (why is Laura always in my blog!)

"Don't take a picture, I'm trying to eat a banana!" - Michie. Michie and Pate enjoying World Cup action. So exciting! You have got to check out short track speed skating if ever you get the chance. You CVTCers who bailed on us this weekend, you missed out! Big Time.

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Chris Werrell said...

CVTCers that bailed try giving us more notice!!!!! rather thn when your driving down to Vancity.