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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Always an exciting time of year.

The last few days of summer are finally over, and the season is starting to change.  The valley trail is slimey slick with fallen leaves and the village is devoid of tourists as the "shoulder season" is in full effect.  The clouds have moved in and we are entering storm season, as the effects of La Nina are expected to dump unnaturally large amounts of snow on us over the coming month.  For now it is full-on rain and choking cloud cover at the valley bottom, but within the week there should be some form of acceptable skiing up in Callaghan Country.

 A shot of intervals last week up Callaghan access road.  (thanks to lululemon athletica inc. for providing the shirt - more on that later)

With the majority of our annual training having now been completed over the course of the summer months, it is now time to make any last minute adjustments and to ensure adequate rest before the snow flies and the race season gets underway at the start of December.  

 With great preparation at our new base at the Whistler Athlete's Centre, I think everyone is eager to put on a race bib. 

Soon this badboy inukshuk will be covered in snow, ushering the arrival of the serious business of winter time.

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