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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Dude man.

Sorry Michael Gilday! My Speedskating World record holder homie from Yellowknife gave me a hard time over Christmas for not writing any blogs on this site, so here it goes I suppose.

Racing so far this season has shown the average level of improvement for what I was expecting this year. I have been in the top 3 Juniors every sprinting day so far this year, a good indication considering the high caliber of Canadian Jrs this year. Among the senior ranks however, I was hoping for a bit more improvement. I have made it past the first round 2 out of 3 times, but have finished last in the B-final both these times. I have learned a ton about racing with Seniors but on a few of these days I left the race site wanting more. It has also been interesting to see that I have been holding my qualifying position after the rounds. This is big for me as it is the main focus for this year. The higher end of my expectations for this year were to qualify top 10 every sprint and to challenge for a berth into the A-final each time. Not quite there yet, but there is still ground to be gained and improvements to be made this season. My shape going into Trials is as good as I could hope for and sprinting should be sick in the Highlands. I hear Neumann is champion in those parts.


The warriors in white duking it out at Canmore Noram (I'm 2nd from right). Photo cred - David Greer

Controlling my quarter in Senior at the Valcartier NorAm. photo cred - D Greer

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