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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Thoughts Post Duntroon

It’s done. I have failed to qualify for World Juniors for the 3rd year in a row. Every trials I have been to I have been very close to CCC’s top picks and it is tough to have been slightly off the pace yet again for the 3rd year. This year I recognized the difficulty of the task and I had very good preparation for the 1 day that I would have my chance. The skate sprint on January 5th in Duntroon, Ontario. I’m sure I will revisit that day many times in my mind over the next few months, as I think of the many “what-ifs”. I have always been known as a good qualifier in sprinting and all season I have been in the top 3 Juniors for every qualification round. It just so happens that I made a slight miscalculation picking the wrong pair of skis in Duntroon and ended up 6th fastest qualifier. It was difficult to learn in the end that the top 3 qualifiers all made it for the trip to Poland. It is also difficult to acknowledge that the A-final became an unfair contest with certain team tactics that came into play. It is now important to refocus and look into the future. Take what I can from this experience and use this opportunity to make myself a stronger skier and individual. There are still some big races left in the season and I now switch my focus to be on my game, or even above my current game, cause that’s what it’s going to take in order to prove both to myself and to others all the international potential I can muster.

There I go, I was hoping that when I started writing this blog it wouldn’t just be me ranting about my shortcomings and making excuses for stuff. So tune in for more (hopefully in the near future!) for better, more cheerful topics such as my thoughts on training, competition, school, etc…

It is also a very happy time here on the NTDC, as many of my team have been picked for Worlds and other international comps. So congrats yall, and tear it up wherever your travels take you.


Racing the sprint in Valcartier. Photo credit - James Cunningham

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