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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Time to Rock Supertour

This week myself, Pate, Sara, Mike and Timo will head down to Minnesota for some US Supertour action (American equivalent of our premier Canadian series - the NorAms). This weekend will see us compete in 2 distance events, and next wednesday will be the mighty night sprint. I will be racing all events (if all goes well) in order to get a feel for how a few distance races will affect my short term sprinting ability. This way I will be able to gauge how well I can handle the busy National's schedule and still be sharp for the Olympic-venue sprint.

My main focus in Minnesota will of course be the sprint (skating by the way) and I'm going there to fight for the win. Check back for results, as I should have access to internet and I should be posting regularly.

On another note, I've never been to the southern states before (i went to AWGs in Alaska in '06) so i'm pretty pumped to hop in the Meat Wagon for a quick jaunt south of the border. I'm also looking forward to a bit of shopping with the strong Cdn dollar. I need new shoes real bad...


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