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Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Aight, quickie:

Let's get some vocabulary straight: Weasel = Marmot. Somewhat of an inside joke, but that terminology is now commonplace mainly amongst skiers from NTDC '07 along with a select few others.

Afterall, Whistler is called Whistler because of the whistles emitted by the marmots, aka Weasels.

So yeah, I'm lovin Weasel-town! We are finally getting some sunshine out here. After a big week last week of settling in and skiing on snow, I was drained of energy because of the high stress environment and I currently have a super-light cold. Yesterday I did a short little mtb over at Lost Lake. The trail names are escaping me at the moment, likely due to their abstract nature. Something to do about peaches and paradigms, and some other weird thing... Nonetheless, they worked me.

Today Pate and I did a little recon work in the area looking at possible rollerski routes. Man, we are going to love the r.skiing in the area! Right out our door we have access to some of the best rollerskiing in the country. We even have an Alpe D'Huez in Whistler (some dude went by us in his F-150 King Ranch and hollered: "Where's the Alpe D'Huez?!" and I replied "that way!" and gestured in the direction of the 6-10% grade, 3.5 km Kadenwood hill that we just ripped down). So that's a cool bonus. But anyways, i gotta head out to do some dinner eating and such in the village, so I'm frantically trying to remember my current events.

So yeah, rollerskiing in Weasel-town is tentatively confirmed as awesome. It will first have to stand the test of rollerskiing (no duh!).

Also, I actually got to float on the River of Golden dreams today. On the way back we stripped down and waded into the swift flowing river that goes by "the farm" (Tapley's farm - area where we live).

I didn't have my camera today, but Neumann did so I'm hoping to rip some pics off him for yall.

Keep it real.

D'Hont (do keep it real though...)

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