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Friday, June 27, 2008

What i have been up to lately.

I would own these guys with the unicycle training i have done lately. Yesterday i did 800 m repeats at the track. I would just spin out and still only be at 14 km/h with the little 20" wheel.

I've also been kicking a soccer ball around a little bit.

There are many things that can improve your skiing. I can balance on a unicycle while pedalling at like 140 rpm and while avoiding the sand patches and pot holes at the Yellowknife track. I can juggle a soccer ball for a few minutes. Balance and body awareness can generate talent.

Remember: make the ball happy.


ZC said...

"what I have been up to lately" apparently doesn't include much in the way of Blog updates. Time to crank up the machine again Thomsen. We're all getting bored out here.

Thomsen D'Hont said...

touché... i've got 2 in the works. Patience young grasshopper.