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Thursday, July 17, 2008

And another...

But yeah, so here is a mini-race report from the 5 km on Sunday which is basically right out of my iLog. “Didn’t sleep much at night. Feeling slightly tired, chest tight from yesterday’s tempo run. Felt ok in warmup though. HR was very responsive during the race. Hit 180 after about a minute of running. I maintained a really good cadence the whole way. 18:35. Perhaps need a better stride length… Breathing was a bit disappointing, 2 in 2 out but with pretty small breaths. Again, tired from yesterday. HR hit a max though, highest I’ve ever seen it. 198 bpm. Hand felt fine. Overall, fairly good day. I was able to push through to the end, and was able to park negative thoughts.”

So that was Sunday’s 5 km. Decent day for a big, heavy ski sprinter. Some day i want to run fast. I think on a really good day i could do under 18 in my current fitness. I wonder what would happen over a 10 km?

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laurhann said...

YoThompy! Still waiting for you to name drop..MY NAME!! ;)
Doing 25k in the morning..should be a blast..will take your advice and hopefully my knees can handle it! hope to see you tomorrow night!