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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Simon Whitfield is the man.

I promised myself that i would do school tonight. All i have done so far is gone through SQW's blogs going back to June '07 in search of a blog article that would give a hint as to where my Aunt could pick me up a Blendtec blender in Vic tomorrow (Kirstin Sweetland has one and mentioned on her blog that Simon blogged about it at one point). So that's what i've been doing the past 1.5 hrs of what should have been productive Athabasca Bio 235 time. Searching for something that I'm not sure exists. HEY! I'M TYPING WITH 2 HANDS! Or trying to at least... But yeah, Google wasn't working so i reverted to the blogosphere. And found nothing...sort of. I basically know everything about Simon Whitfield now. That guy is incredible - i would love to meet him someday. He has such a positive outlook on life and just reading about his daily life and thought processes you know that he savours every moment of his existence and lives life to the fullest. A true role model.

On his blog he posts tons of Youtube. And here are a few of the ones that topped up the motivation meter. I will post a few more later in the week so that these ones can sink in. Enjoy.

"Think in a spacious way"

This one always gives me goose bumps every time i watch it. You wanna be good you have to practice.

"Confidence has always been a difficult thing for me. I always find it a little bit difficult to be completely confident in myself." Wow. This is incredible. Beautiful. Definitely touched.

Tomorrow I'm running the 5 km portion of Moses Hernandez's sprint distance triathlon. His knee is shot so he can't run. And running is just about all that i can do at the moment, so its perfect. The hand felt fine running today, although it is showing a bit of bruising. Tomorrow should be fun. I haven't hurt in a long time. And i haven't run fast in a long time either, so i'm pumped to test the unique aspects of fitness that i have developed in the past few weeks.


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