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Friday, July 25, 2008

Cool day(s).

Alright, so I'm back home in Whistler. I was welcomed home with a strong whiff of rotting garbage as I walked in my front door. I guess Pate forgot one or two items under the sink... But whatever, i dispatched of said smellies down at the W-town garbage disposal and they are out of my life.

Rewind a few days...I arrived in VAncouver late on the 22nd, almost early the 23rd. Got picked up by Lori and Gma and stayed the night with Gma. the next day i went and checked out G-day rip it up (or get ripped up - he is/was tired) at a nat. team speed skate camp, and then we did lunch at Mongolian BBQ. Then i went around town a bit looking at cars with Lori. Fits are cool, I'm seriously thinking of getting one... That night Gilday came for dinner with Lori, Gma and I. It was good to see that guy, it's been a while. Soon after dinner i fired up the old Legend and started the journey up to Weaseltown. Next day was the Garibaldi uphill TT. 3.6-3.7km (big trees interfered with the Forerunner...) of insanely steep uphill. No breaks, just pure climbing. Over 500m of vert. I had some difficulties with pacing so i crashed and burned a little bit. Ran like 26:28 or something like that. Freeman motored by me (started 3 min behind) and did a 21:17. Alistair, Neumann and Sam did 23s a little while ago. I think (hope) i can go faster with smarter pacing. Like maybe a minute or two. Later that day we did a barbecue at the Caldwell's and Zach did up some wicked steaks. Kris did a 90 second motivational speech for the crowd and then i was on my way back up to Balsam Way.

Today was cool up here in the town of Weasel. I did a bike, run, bike, run, which by the way is the workout of the month. I was running down the valley trail to Rainbow Park and I kept seeing these dudes lurking about in the dense foliage of Alta Lake "lowlands" with big, expensive filming gear, and a bunch of young people pushing around carts full of expensive looking apparati and doing official looking stuff sporting their "secret agent ear-pieces". Turns out they were filming a kids' reality tv show. On my way back i spotted a bunch of "kids" floating about in the marsh in canoes - silent and miserable - as the reality tv show was being set up.

After the workout i did some well-structured recovery methods and then hit the road to run some errands. I stocked up on footwear for the rest of the summer (hiking boots and xt wings), walked about the village aimlessly amongst the throngs of Pemberton Fest-ers, crushed a few hours of study time at my new fave locale - Whistler Library, and that was my day. O ya, i went and checked out the Meadow Valley Sport Complex (or whatever its called...). I'm thinking of renting a locker and living out of it. I'm pumped to throw some weights around upstairs (with squash as the warmup of course), then hop in the hottub/pool downstairs afterwards for some aquatic frolicking. Soon i will be able to hold weights, so lookout.

Tomorrow I'm going to watch Freeman and Dan "bang heads" in their 30 km pursuit on Alta Lake Rd/Stonebridge. My method of transportation out to see this will be (drumroll) Marwe rollerskis! ...and only one pole... The next day I'm boarding Big Brown for the traversing of BC out to Haig country. I'm committed now to one-poling around up there for a week...

Peace out. I suppose i should post a pic or two (or maybe just one...not sure yet) for the unexpected epicness of this post. I guess I am currently in the proverbial "zone".

Wow, can't believe i posted 5... Here's Gday in the red helmet hammerfesting. I really need to consider upgrading the old Olympus... I do apologize.
Michael Gilday.
The National Speed Skate team and some BC kids.
This is like the picture from Pate's blog where Sam's arm looks huge but in reality there is no way he could give you directions to the beach. I haven't used my arm in 6 weeks and it's noticeably smaller. The water was nice and "refreshing". It's the worst when the water is both cold and flowing.

Mr. Lindsey after his 5 minutes of chasing Freeman up the Black Tusk trail. He wanted to hang on as long as he could. Apparently Freeman's 20+ minute uphill pace is the same as Sam's 1500m pace.

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Kate said...

Thomsen! You got to train with Freeman? Danielle is going to be so jealous. When are you going to be in K Country???