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Friday, August 8, 2008


Sorry for the lack of updates for the past week or so. I know I have set the bar high recently, with such regularity of posting…

I do have a decently good reason, but only decently good… I was up on the Haig Glacier skiing for the week with my own team the CVTC as well as the CNEPH and a few Quebec provincial team-ers. I had a fantastic camp. I was able to put the gimp hand to work so that was a bonus, so I kicked some major ass with that asset. Well, sort of… I guess I proved a few highly educated professionals that I would indeed be poling before fall time and even doing speed at that… So there.

It started with a select few of us CVTCers hauling into Canmore and finding places to stay. I got set up with Jess Cockney for the night, which was a double bonus cause it was also his bday and he was having ppl over for a bit of a BBQ. The BBQ was so sick… It was a giant reunion of skiers, so many of my very good friends in one place, it was incredible… And Oh boy, the cake that Jess had was simply the greatest cake I have palated in my entire life. Apparently Jess’ bosses at the Coffee Mine were slaving away in the kitchen all night to make such a delightful gastronomical experience, and their work definitely paid off. Top marks all around. A good quote from Heidi Widmer: “I am so happy right now!” as she stood their nibbling away at the chocolatey mass of deliciousness.

But yes, a blast indeed, that glacier camp. Got to see Mr. Valjas, buddy ol pal from Banning last year, so we got to spend a bunch of time together chillin like villains. Whipped a ton of Frisbees around too… He ended up with the camp record though, at -4, my best was -3 which was the 2nd best… Pretty close to the record of -5 set by Mr. Cockney himself.

Coming back down from the Glacier we were caught in a whirlwind of bustling chaos as we attempted to organize our sorry asses into Big Brown because of the royal rush Amy was in… Personally, I really wanted to at least spend the night in Manmore mainly to rest from the big week of training and activity but also to catch up with many of my best friends who happen to be residing in town. Mrs. Caldwell would not have it, so here I sit, with 14 minutes of battery life busting my butt to compose a coordinated and concise update. We’re set to arrive in Squamish sometime past midnight, so many a painful hour remain for this kid… Dayum…

In Canmore though I quickly got to say hi to K Brennan as well as (drum roll) PHIL WOOD!!!!! It was like seeing a ghost… He’s been tree planting all summer making some mad chedda, so he’s been in the bush the whole time and has basically fallen off the face of the earth. So good to see that guy, he’s a big inspiration to me and has taught me a ton in life (I lived with him last year). Would have loved to spend some time catching up and what not. Also got to say bye to Butler and got to check out his pad. He seems to be doing well, training’s going well for him, he’s having fun at work (construction) and he’s loving his new team as well as the family that he is living with this year. So kudos to B-man.

(Battery dead – blog continued a few days later)

I’m back! You blog readers should be feeling special. I’m currently putting my commitment to you above my commitment to school work – which is likely a bad thing cause taking school is the only way I am affording the Whistler rent at the moment…

But yeah, so the Haig was very productive for me (I also got to celebrate my bday up there. Finally i was one of those ppl... Frossty asked how old I was. I responded "I'm at that age where you're embarassed to tell people". 20. I know. Old man.). Quality of training and professionalism up there were average, the main gains I made were in skate offset, 1 skate and spiro (it’s weird that spiro was a main improvement – glacier isn’t usually the place where you do that – but it was sweet cause I maxed out the breath rate at 64 rpm). I shortened my skate offset for a more efficient and choppier stride that should help with rhythm and flow, bump and grind and what not. 1-skate has got up to par with Emil Joensson, but sssshhh, cause that’s my secret weapon for this year. There are some cool top secret things that I’m working on with Amy that I’m hoping will help me dom the skate sprints. Seeing as it’s a “classic sprint year” with 3 of the 8 sprints being classic, maybe I should be working on classic stuff more… I’ll think about it once the upper body starts to get huge.

I’m back in Whistler now, and I’m finding it tough to recall Haig events. Lots going down in Weaseltown. Crankworx starts tomorrow. I’ll post soon on going ons.

Later skater.

Ps. the pics are in reverse chronological order.
Jody is the man. Pate knows it. We're pumped to chill with him this winter as he grooms Callaghan. This day was above and beyond any day of glacier skiing i have ever had. Perfect snow hardness and consistency for awesome skate pushes. I heard the classic was pretty good too.

"the artist" shot. Our other Inukshuk from earlier in the week blew down in the windstorm we had. It's nice having the constant reminder of 2010 looming above you while hiking down from skiing. This one is 8 out of 10 on the sturdy scale. I rediscovered an ancient Inuit technique that would keep it in place longer (hammering rock wedges into holes). Hopefully it will last the season.

Nish during her "war" with Samboat. She had mad ninja rock throwing skills.


Lenny and Andrew S-J skiing in fog. Andrew - i told you this shot would make my blog...

Me skiing through the dispersing fog.

John Frosst trying to remember how to get to the land bridge. The land bridge is a sick slab of rock that spans a giant chasm through which a waterfall flows.

"The first time I saw it was from a helicopter. I was like "what the hell is that? That's f#*%ing silly!"" - John Frosst.

Run in. Word.

Me and the Esto almost at base camp.

Hiking up to ski. Basing zone on oxygen saturation. Heartrates cannot be trusted at first.

Sun trying to peak out during Blizzard-like conditions.

Beautiful sunny day. We got lots of snow when we were up there.

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Amanda Ammar said...

Hey Thomsen!

Good to hear that your hand is coming back strong! I love it when people fool those annoying doctors.
Keep taking great care of your hand and body!
Glad my update made you laugh.

Take care,