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Monday, September 1, 2008

Pics from CVTC blog. (AKA our new ass. coach Erik Nilsson's blog...)

Me leading the uphill double pole test. It's a 1km tt that starts with a nice steep 10%, flattens out over the middle section and then steep again to the finish. Somehow I won this (i had fast skis though, but there were others who had the same speed) so i guess the whole hand ordeal didn't set me back too far in terms of upper body strength. This is a good example of how focused functional training can lead to very fast gains. I did about 4 double pole sessions leading up to this test, some with speed and one being intervals, and just re-ingraining technique and some muscle memory led to me being able to bang heads with the others with only a few weeks out of the cast. Food for thought: if i can gain top end fitness that fast and that easily, should i be continuing to do hard-ish workouts in search of these gains? Or should i be focusing on the real things i think i need to work on while i still have time before race season and then get in my month or so of more "functional" (intensity/technique at intensity/comfort at intensity) work to calibrate the body's perception of speed and hurt in the light of the Central Governor Model so i can be fast on snow?

Some moose hooves intervals at WOP. Notice the breathing device I'm using nicknamed the "Juergalyzer". I wrote about this session in great depth a few weeks back, so check there if you want to know what it was about.

Quick update on the present: I am sick as a dog. Not much training for this kid these days... 2006 Olympian Dan Roycroft is staying at our place this week. Today I went to watch the US team do a classic sprint day up at WOP. Really cool to watch those guys hammer. Inspirational. Check Zach's Kris Freeman blog, quite good update.



ZC said...

Quite a good post Thomsen...

Chris said...

Love the sprinters chain!